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“You know what they say about an Appel a day!”

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Any words that I am going to write here will never measure up to Joyce’s abilites as a person, teacher, friend or healer. She is an experience of the truest, purest, unconditional love you will ever have on this planet.
She distinguishes herself by always bringing her A+ game in what ever modality she is working in. Her “Game On” approach is appealing because she brings her finest skills every time. In a teacher student setting the consistency of dependability is important as you are learning.
I especially admire Joyce’s hands on approach. In my personal experience there were some things I struggled with. But I knew when I called her she was going to say to me, “Logan… have you done, did you do or let’s try it this way?”
In learning sometimes one can be oblivious to the obvious but, that’s her beauty. Joyce lets you arrive at your own pace of intellectual comfort no matter what the topic.
I should wrap it up here because I could go and on on when admiring Joyce. When you do decide to “Game On It” with Joyce sit back and enjoy the ride. She has a wealth of knowledge and her own definition of patience that she never runs out of.

You must walk many miles in this life to meet a Joyce Appel.

Logan Tomas Sutt

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