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Its time to be UPLIFTED, ENERGETIC, and BALANCED  through a unique and personalized experience made just for you

“Joyce worked wonders on me, my son while in NICU, and continues to provide light in our lives. She is truly fantastic & shares her gift with so many. All our love!! XO!!” – Jessica Kawecki Miller, NY

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive Japanese technique for pain and stress reduction. It supports you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Rejuvenate your body
  • Balance your Emotions
  • Be at Peace
  • Feel Connected

What You Can Expect From A Session

Deep Relaxation

While you lie fully-clothed on the heated Reiki table, I will do an energetic assessment for any imbalances that may be preventing you from feeling your best. I provide soothing music, candles, and a quiet spa- like atmosphere.

Harmonizing Heat

As I open to the Universal Reiki energy, you will feel an amazing heat coming from my hands. Through a series of light touch hand positions, you may notice you have less pain and that the stress you have been carrying gently leaves your body.1425783295_Energy_Blast-64

Renewing Release

As I work with you, with your permission, I may use additional modalities such as Intuitive Messages, Vibrational Medicine, and Young Living Essential Oils. These all combine together with the Reiki energy to facilitate your body’s own natural ability to heal itself. We may receive insight into emotional traumas from your past that are affecting you now, and use these energetic methods to help you get a different perspective. This will assist you in releasing these past experiences and accelerate your healing from those episodes.

Rockin’ Rejuvenation

A full session takes approximately 1 hour. You may talk during the session or just “zone out” and receive. Many clients fall asleep, and feel as if they have had a full night’s rest! You will be refreshed and renewed.1425783370_electric-64

Joyce Appel is a contact and colleague at Crouse Hospital, Syracuse NY for Reiki. She mentored me in Crouse Hospital Policy for Reiki therapy for our patients. Joyce is source of light for the entire Crouse Hospital. She an inspiration to us all.

Barbara Scales

RN & Reiki Master


Healing Hands-Green



Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive Japanese technique for pain and stress reduction. It supports you physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is done while you are fully clothed, lying comfortably on a heated (if you prefer) massage table. Through a series of light- touch hand positions, head to toe, I will assess your chakra areas for any energetic imbalance. You will feel a marvelous heat emanating from my hands. This is the Universal Life Force, that energy that we are all made of.


Reconnect With Life Force

Your body will soak it up and use it to boost its own ability to heal itself. A full Reiki session takes approximately one hour. Clients report feeling deep relaxation, pain relief, and an increased sense of well-being. I may incorporate intuitive messages, essential oils and Vibrational Medicine in your session to help you release any emotions you have been holding on to that may be causing your physical problems. Reiki is considered safe for everyone and there are no contraindications to receiving a Reiki session.


Healing Hands For Life

Along with my private practice clients, I have provided Reiki sessions in a busy hospital for several years, to all types of patients, from infants to the elderly, maternity patients to the critically ill and end-of-life cases. Try a Reiki session, I know you will feel better. I’ve seen it happen time after time. I believe everyone in the world should have access to Reiki.

I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher of the Dr. Mikao Usui lineage and a Karuna Reiki Master as well.

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Reiki Is For Everyone


Vibrational Medicine

Empowering Vibrations

Vibrational Medicine uses the theory that emotions we have not released actually stay in the cells of our body. If those emotions are not brought to the forefront at some point they can affect any system in the body. Vibrational Medicine will gently find areas that need release. I will initiate the process through my heart frequency as I lead you into a meditation that brings certain colors into your body. Your body responds to color as a healing frequency. I will then show you how you can continue the process on your own. It is very empowering!

I became certified in Vibrational Medicine 2013 with Patti Conklin.


Raindrop Sessions

Rejuvenating Rain Drops

Raindrop sessions use Young Living Essential Oils. These oils are pure, very concentrated plant oils used to support your body’s alignment, balancing and rejuvenating all of the body systems as it is applied. This marvelous 1 hour technique uses 9 different oils/blends which are applied using the Vita-Flex technique to the feet and spine. You will lie on a heated massage table with soothing music playing. Reiki may be also introduced at the beginning and end of the session. You will feel invigorated and refreshed.


Intuitive Messages

Inspirational Insight

When I open up to Spirit to facilitate healing for you, I may receive messages that can enhance your overall well- being and speed the healing process. This information may come to us via your Spirit Guides and Angels. These Divine messages may include information about your life path, episodes in your past that are affecting you now, loved ones, and how you can open up to your full potential as a Spiritual Being.

Wellness Connects

Wellness Connects

I’m a Co-Creator and Owner of Wellness Connects. We’re excited to share our mission and vision for supporting wellness for everyone!

Our Mission: 

To nurture the expansion of radiant health, collaboration, and prosperous freedom; creatively through integrity, connection, and teamwork.

Our Vision: 

To expand our mission to nurture the expansion of radiant health, collaboration, and prosperous freedom; creatively through integrity, connection, and teamwork across the planet.

Dont Delay Start Your Healing Process

You will thank yourself.

Learning Reiki

Joyce Appel Teaching at the Reiki Fair 2014

Joyce Appel Teaching at the Reiki Fair 2014

Learn Reiki For Yourself

You can learn Reiki in just a few hours. One of the huge benefits of learning Reiki is that you can use it for yourself. There are simple Reiki techniques that can help you start and end your day, as well as help you get to sleep. For myself, Reiki helps me cope more easily with any situation that occurs in my life, from aches and pain to anxiety and grief.

Learn Reiki For Others

Your family, friends, co-workers, and even your pets will benefit from Reiki. You don’t need a lot of equipment or a special room. All you need is the perfect teacher for you, and an open heart. Dealing with daily life can be much easier with an energy balancing technique such as Reiki. Imagine if every family around the world had access to Reiki!


Are You In the Health Care Industry?

I can setup a Reiki Program for your facility. I also do Reiki lectures with demos and mini-sessions for groups- students, support groups, companies for employees. To set this up Contact Me


Class Outlines

Reiki I

Class outline:

  • Discussion of energy fields, aura, and chakra system
  • Guided meditation
  • History and Theory of Usui Reiki
  • Hand positions for treating self and others
  • Attunement
  • Practice on self and others

Reiki II

Class outline:

  • Review of level 1
  • Learn enhanced opening to the energy technique
  • Sacred symbols and how to incorporate them into a session
  • Attunement
  • Learn emotional clearing technique and practice
  • Learn distant healing technique and practice

Master Reiki/Teacher

Class outline:

  • Strict pre-class preparation for this class
  • Review of Level 1 and 2
  • Discussion of teaching methods
  • Business tips
  • Attunement
  • Learn the attunement process and practice

Kids Reiki - Ages 5 and up!

Class outline:

  • Kids will learn simple energy techniques
  • Attunement
  • Self treatment
  • Practice on other students (if they are comfortable)
  • Parents are welcome to observe class as well

Contact me for class schedules

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