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Dynamic Consciousness Session $125


Integrated Conscious Living Package (8) $888.00

Healing Hands-Green

 Reiki/Healing Session $85


Raindrop Session $90


Intuitive Reading $70

About Joyce Appel

Joyce Appel

Joyce Appel

RN - Reiki Master - Spiritual Mentor - Intuitive Reader

I am an RN, Reiki Master/Teacher and spiritual mentor. Looking back on my life, I realize I had little glimpses of amazing things to come even as a child, but I did not fully start to explore subjects such as healing, spirituality, and connecting to that beautiful life force we are all made of until I was much older. In 2003 I was introduced to Reiki and it changed my life in an instant. Why had I never heard of this before! I immersed myself in Reiki and received my Master’s level in 2005 and started teaching Reiki right away. In 2008 I developed the Volunteer Reiki Program at my hospital.

As I began sharing the Reiki energy with patients and my own clients, I found Reiki was a perfect launching pad to other modalities. I became eager to not only learn more myself but to teach others so that they too could feel the bliss of opening up to unlimited possibilities. Under Sheila Applegate’s tutelage, I learned to tap into the highest, most Divine energy, connect with Spirit Guides and intuitively infuse all of this knowledge into my everyday life.

It is my belief that we all have a Divine purpose and that our Guides are here to show us the route to discovering it. It has been a wild and crazy journey I have been on for several years as I realized my own mission was to reach out to those around me and bring them with me as far as they wanted to go.

My passion has become helping people to find that spark deep within themselves that starts the process of opening up to a whole new vista. Through Reiki, Vibrational Medicine, and connecting with Spirit I can help you find your true path, and awaken to a much bigger perspective of the world than you may have ever had. I am caring, compassionate, and a good listener. Tell me your story and let the journey begin.

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