Discover The World’s Original Medicines

Distilled, Purified And Concentrated Oils From The Plant Kingdom To Support Your Body, Mind And Spirit

Therapeutic Grade oils to maintain balance physically and emotionally. Pure, concentrated oils – you only need a drop or two at a time! Diffuse, Apply topically, or many may be taken internally. Easy to use, and many are multipurpose.

Backed by Young Living’s exclusive Seed© to Seal process.

 Support For Your


1428201526_run-128Immune System

1428201797_anatomy_human_body_dissection-128Digestive System

1428201984_Brain-128Nervous System

 Young Living Essential Oils May Also Promote Restful sleep, Muscle Relaxation, And Stress Relief


Healing Oils-White-128100% pure with no harsh chemical additives


3 Easy Ways To Gain Benefit




Breathe in or use a diffuser


Topical Oils-Black-128


Many essential oils are safe to use directly on the skin


Internal Oils Cup-Black-128


In your water, in a capsule, or even cook with them

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My Story

I was suffering with tension and spasms in my neck. I was offered some Wintergreen oil and literally within seconds after applying it I felt so much better! I was hooked right away, and enjoy sharing my experiences with the oils with everyone.

I have many reference guides, and can assist you in finding just the right products. Contact me so you can get started

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Would You Like To Enjoy Financial Freedom By Sharing Products That You Love And Trust?

Let me show you how to not only enjoy these products yourself, but share with others and build a dynamic team with this rapidly growing company.

What Does It Mean To Own Your Own Life?

This is what it means to me. I wake up every day looking forward to showing others how to live a healthier life but also receive the abundance we all deserve. I chose to add Young Living Essential Oils Distributor to my repertoire because I am passionate about these 100% pure oils and use them every day.

What Other Business Can Say This?

My customers order directly from the company. I do not deliver products, nor do I have to collect the payments. This is Network Marketing at its best.

I, along with my Young Living mentors, can help you accomplish your own personal goals all while you are realizing the results from using essential oils yourself! Invest in a Start Living Kit for as little as $40 and you become a Young Living Distributor.


Benefits Of Becoming A Young Living Distributor

  • Receive a 24% discount on your orders.
  • Optional participation in the Essential Rewards Program- receive a monthly order, decreased shipping costs, and accumulate points toward free products. You can change your order every month.
  • Benefit from the generous compensation plan (Income Disclosure)
  • Many opportunities for thorough product education via the website, seminars, and local groups.


Make Your Home A Healthier Happier Place For The Whole Family

There are no requirements to do this as a business at all- you can work at your own pace or stop at any time. I encourage you to take advantage of this phenomenal opportunity.  I would be happy to discuss all of this with you.

Let’s work together to bring these products to the world!


Joyce Appel - Young Living Essential Oils Distributor #701483

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